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Notes on a Waiting Room April 14, 2010

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A fellow WordPresser and former journalist, Sean Holton, writes about his struggles with brain cancer in a blog called Same Time Tomorrow (located here) that I came across today. I found his post about hospital waiting rooms to be quite interesting (especially given that many of us have been spending a lot of time recently in waiting rooms).

Take a peek:


Life in the waiting room April 13, 2010

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I’d like to share these observations from Gretchen, who spent a lot of time in the hospital this past weekend. She is the mother of one of Alicia’s good friends and responded to my request for help generating posts and content for the site. I think it nicely captures what it was like waiting in the ICU, where only 2 people were allowed in at a time. One visitor compared Alicia to a “midnight door buster” – leaving people waiting at all hours. (more…)