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Thank you, thank you, thank you April 16, 2010

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There has just been an amazing outpouring of beautiful stories and comments shared on the Chronicle website and a flood of donations came pouring in this morning.

Thank you to every single person who has shared a note or story or made a donation. We are working to gather all the stories and posts we can and link to some of our favorites. Please keep an eye on this page for more stories and information soon.

Finally, a reminder to please forward press inquiries to


Chronicle article published

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You can read it here.


Exciting News: Look For An Article in the Chronicle tomorrow! April 15, 2010

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Be sure to check out tomorrow morning’s San Francisco Chronicle, in which a feature on our own Alicia Parlette will appear.

Important reminder: to protect Alicia’s privacy, if contacted by members of the media in the coming days, please refrain from sharing any details of Alicia’s health or whereabouts. Instead, direct all media to

You may also wish to visit the updated Contact Us section of the site to read the Parlettes’ official statement.

Thank you again for all your support during this difficult time.


Welcome to a blog about Alicia Parlette April 9, 2010

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My name is Juliet and I have had the pleasure of knowing Ms. Alicia Parlette for just over two years in San Francisco. Several friends had been encouraging Alicia to start a blog or share some updates somewhere about her life; we knew that there was a public interest in her life and writing.

I wish I was writing under happier circumstances but unfortunately Alicia’s health has declined precipitously in the past few days.