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Life in the waiting room April 13, 2010

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I’d like to share these observations from Gretchen, who spent a lot of time in the hospital this past weekend. She is the mother of one of Alicia’s good friends and responded to my request for help generating posts and content for the site. I think it nicely captures what it was like waiting in the ICU, where only 2 people were allowed in at a time. One visitor compared Alicia to a “midnight door buster” – leaving people waiting at all hours. (more…)


Introducing Clarabelle April 12, 2010

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I realized we’ve been talking about Clarabelle but I’m not sure if people know who she is.



4/11 News – Out of the ICU, Visiting With Friends From All Over April 11, 2010

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Alicia has been moved out of the ICU to another floor where she can rest a bit more comfortably but still receive the same level of care. She has been happy visiting with people from all over who are coming into San Francisco to spend time with her.



Update on Alicia’s health April 10, 2010

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People are starting to ask some pointed questions about Alicia’s health and condition.



Notes From a Visit To Alicia April 9, 2010

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Posted for Robert J. “Rosey” Rosenthal

Friday, April 9, 10:30 a.m.

I’m here with Alicia  in the intensive care unit. She’s hooked up to a bunch of monitors, drips and IVs, and using an oxygen mask to help her breath. She’s giving instruction to the nurse about medication and sounds like a well-informed patient, authoritative and firm.

But she is very, very ill.