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On Courage April 16, 2010

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I’d like to end this busy week with a peaceful and touching note we received from one of the English teachers at Alicia’s high school (Granite Bay High School) wrote into the site today:

“…I wanted to share some thoughts about To Kill a Mockingbird (her favorite book) that relate to Alicia’s situation. In the novel there is an elderly woman, Mrs. Dubose, who was in a lot of physical discomfort. Atticus, as a punishment for Jem, his son, for chopping down her camellia bushes asks him to read to Mrs. Dubose each day.



Thank you, GBHS Class of 2000 April 15, 2010

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Granite Bay High School (GBHS) class of 2000 (Alicia’s graduating class) very nicely put information about Alicia’s health condition on their reunion home page, as well as implemented a way to simultaneously purchase a ticket for the reunion festivities as well as donate to Alicia.

Thank you!

If you were part of the class of 200, please visit: