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News Coverage April 10, 2010

Alicia’s writing captured the attention and emotions of thousands of readers. This is just a sampling of places her story’s been featured:

San Francisco Chronicle

Update on Alicia’s story “Alicia Parlette faces final stages of journey” (4/16/10):

Original Chronicle series:

Pictures that accompanied the original article series (navigation is in the bottom right-hand corner):

Blog on SFGate: Alicia’s story continued: Her blog (2007).

Chronicle readers respond to Alicia’s series (6/12/05):

Letters to the Editor (6/10/05):

Reno Gazette Journal

Article about Alicia, “UNR graduate Alicia Parlette sees impact of her story as last chapter closes” (4/21/10):

UNR Sagebrush

Update (4/20/10):

Article about Alicia (9/1/09):’s-battle-with-cancer/


Alicia’s Story: The Latest Chapter (2/28/06):

Writing About Cancer (6/7/05):


Person of the Week, June 2005:

UNR Reynolds School of Journalism

Alicia as part of the 2005 Robert Laxalt Distinguished Writer Program (October 2005):

Reactions to Alicia’s work by the professional journalism community

Below the Fold Update (4/15/10):

– Original post (6/11/05):

Citizen Paine (6/13/05):

Alicia mentioned in an American Journalism Review story about newspapers and stories about fatal illnesses ( June/July 2006):

Society of Professional Journalists

Alicia was awarded a 2005 Outstanding Emerging Journalist award by the Society of Professional Journalists (10/20/05):

Around the interwebs

Garden Lust blog post about Alicia (4/18/10):

Bonnie Russell “Courage is a choice. A Courageous Woman of 28 is Dying” (4/17/10):

Mentioned on SFist (4/16/10):

Blog post update on Alicia’s Story (4/11/10):

– Original post (6/13/05):

Article about the May 2005 Sarcoma Alliance Walk/Run (published 2006):

Thread on about the series (July 2006):

Archived mailing list email (hosted by LaughingSquid) about the “Cancer In So Many Words” panel event held on 9/22/05 of which Alicia was a member (9/7/05):

Wikipedia entry: