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NPR tells listeners of Alicia’s passing April 24, 2010

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Melissa Block, host of NPR’s All Things Considered,  narrated a piece about Alicia’s passing yesterday. The story used clips of previous recordings of Alicia reading from her writing and being interviewed.

You can read or listen to the story here:

NPR previously told parts of Alicia’s story on two separate occasions:

Alicia’s Story: The Latest Chapter (2/28/06):

Writing About Cancer (6/7/05):


4 Responses to “NPR tells listeners of Alicia’s passing”

  1. R. White Says:

    I am heartbroken over Alicia’s passing. Alicia was diagnosed with cancer at the same time that my husband was found to have lymphoma and leukemia. Together we followed her story and her magnificent writing. My husband found solace and comfort in her columns, at a time when he needed the special understanding of a fellow cancer patient. He eagerly awaited every word from her. We both felt a kinship to Alicia because we are also the parents of a daughter who is a journalist. Alicia seemed like one of the family to us.

    My husband died in 2006, but I continued to try to learn more about Alicia’s journey, and had hoped so fervently that her health had improved.

    My heart goes out to Alicia’s family. She was an inspiration to so many. I will always be thankful for her bravery in sharing her challenging journey with the world.

    Bless you, Alicia.

    R. White

  2. CK Says:

    I had followed Alicia over the years; the writer in me was inspired to see that she was putting her feelings, thoughts, emotions and life’s struggles into the context of allowing the entire world to read about her cancer diagnosis.

    Godspeed Alicia.
    You have joined an elite force of angels in heaven.

  3. Charlotte Says:

    I read Alicia’s story in the SF Chronicle in 2005, anxiously awaiting another installment. I was very sad when she stopped writing and a few months ago did a search but was unable to find information about her. It is with great sorrow that I learned of her death, a month after the passing of my former husband, Frank and my mentor, Dr. James Masterson.

    The difference in these deaths is that Alicia was young and vibrant, an artist with a hugh heart whose whole life and potential stretched before her like a carpet of wildflowers, while they had lived long full lives and accomplished much. Perhaps I’m selling her life short, because she touched so many lives, so many people and taught us true courage in the face of powerlessness. Her choices were always to live, although she sometimes got very tired and blue. She was human, gorgeous and a delight. I will miss her voice and I will remember her.

  4. EBrown Says:

    I feel so sad. Alicia really touched me. Her suffering is ended but her spirit lives on in her writing and the lives she touched.

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