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Sweet, short post about Alicia April 21, 2010

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I stumbled across this blog post today. I don’t know who writes the Garden Lust blog, but it’s cute.

The author wrote a sweet, brief note about Alicia and used one of the best pictures of Ms. Parlette I’ve ever seen. I think Alicia had this up on a social network somewhere…anyway, here it is:

You can read the article here:


One Response to “Sweet, short post about Alicia”

  1. nancy arias Says:

    dear dear alicia, i have read every missive and have prayed, even though i’m not a big god friend,so maybe god received a message for your happiness through a lower type god assistant. i really will remember you and your family for ever. you have a first class seat and a mom waiting desperatly for you! love, a friend and a very BIG fan.

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