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Consolidating Posts About Alicia April 21, 2010

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As the News section of the site is getting somewhat out of control, I figure it might be a good idea to consolidate some posts we’ve gathered about Alicia into one…uhm…post here.

Found around the interwebs

– Raw Rach writes “…What a sobering reminder not to take any moment for granted. Girlfriend sounds like she’s got some good perspective, lots of pastries, and is maybe even able to laugh about it now and then…” continued here, with a saucy needlepoint image:

– Skyeball says “Alicia has never forgotten how to live and live well, even knowing the death could be in the cards.  I hope her last few days are full of love and comfort and friends and family.  I hope she knows how much she has touched people by sharing her story — and her love of life.”

+ Skyeball’s friend Jocelyn responded to the post with a note on her blog; sounds like she knows Alicia tangentially through a friend when they were both at the Sacramento Bee

– My Off- and On-Line Dating Life notes “If you haven’t heard of Alicia Parlette, you must get to know her. She is only 28 years old and is dying of cancer. That is the very, very sad part. The good part is that she is a wonderful person and has lived her life to the fullest, and is an inspiration to everyone around her…” continued here:

– LaughingSquid link to SFGate article:

+ Unlibrarian writes I remember reading her first article in the Chronicle five years ago. How ridiculously naive of me to expect her to recover and live a long, happy life. May each of us let go as gracefully as she has done. I hate cancer.” and then linked to the SFGate article:

– Alabama Ass Whuppin’ shares “We’ve all caught a thread of someone’s life online and followed it for a while before that thread disappears or we hitch another online life ride. I followed Alicia’s blog on the SF Chronicles website 3 years ago. I read about her hospital visits, her hopes and dreams and the daily mundane beyond cancer. Alicia left my radar a year ago. Was sad to see this recent article. Fair the well, Alicia. Go be without pain.” and links to the SFGate article:

– Finally, Beliefnet wrote about the SFGate story on Friday of last week:


2 Responses to “Consolidating Posts About Alicia”

  1. Amanda Dates Says:

    I reference Alicia and Clarabelle in a recent post on my blog: Finding the Flow in Paris

    I was just thinking about Alicia and Clarabelle last night, in the middle of the night. I woke up this morning, Paris time, opened SFGate on my computer and saw the headline.

    My heart breaks for Clarabelle. Please take good care of her.
    Alicia, you were an inspiration.

  2. Joy Lee Says:

    I have follow Alicia story and was wonder what had happen to her and very sad that she has passed away so soon, Alicia was a
    pretty person from day one and now she gone. she is now in haven and looking down to each and everyone of us. I would really appreciate if you can list the funeral service place , date, and time on her site and no matter where I would like to pay Alicia the last respect.

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