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Chronicle article published April 16, 2010

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You can read it here.


29 Responses to “Chronicle article published”

  1. Marcus Says:

    I just read Friday’s 4/16/10 Chronicle and cried for 10 minutes. Goodbye brave lady.


  2. smeg Says:


    Thank you for sharing your story! You are truly an amazing woman.

    Sending you love & positive thoughts from New York to San Francisco!

  3. anon Says:

    Dear Alicia –
    I followed your previous writing in the Chronicle and I was so glad to see your name in the paper this morning, but SO sad to hear you are not doing well. Thanks for your wonderful writing and sharing your story with us.

    Peace and love.

  4. Bianca Says:


    I only recently learned of your struggle, but I wanted to thank you for showing what courage and bravery truly are.

  5. Tony B Says:

    We have never met, but I feel I know you. Your Chron articles helped me get through cancer treatment and the ups and downs associated with the illness. Thank you for sharing your life with all of us. Tony B…

  6. Linda Says:

    Dearest Alicia,

    I have never been able to forget about you and your story and was happy to see and update but terrible sad at what the update said. You will never be forgotton and please know that we are all saying prayers for you.

    God bless you and yours,


  7. Jesse Says:

    Dear Alicia,

    I just read the Chronicle article …

    Though we live in the same city and probably have shared many of the same experiences, we’ve never met — but you’re truly an inspiration …

    I’m writing to thank you … I’m a 31 year old guy who lives in SF whose father is a cancer survivor — but I didn’t follow your stories because of the cancer thread we share — I followed you because you’re clearly a very kind, smart and good PERSON. The perspective you shared and the humor with which you faced this challenge showed me that you’re wise far beyond your years … I truly think that you sharing your story through the Chronicle has helped, and will help countless, countless people who deal with the disease (any disease or challenge, really) either personally or with a loved one.

    I saw a quote on facebook the other day — I don’t know who said it and I’ll probably get it wrong, but to paraphrase it said “As I did not fear being born, I shall not fear dying.”

    I don’t know what happens next (wow, wouldn’t it be cool if you could write a story for the Chronicle about THAT!) but I do think it’s kinda like the quote above; a rebirth … What I DO know is that you’ve inspired more people than you can ever know (I’m one) and those of us who are still around will carry a part of you in their hearts forever.

    Ultimately, know that you are loved — even by folks you’ve never seen before. And though this has to have been painful for you in ways I can’t possibly comprehend — it’s pretty cool, I think, that you can hear from people how much you mean to them and how much love is out there for you.

    Be strong and know you’re in the hearts and prayers of more people than you know,


  8. Jim Crandall Says:

    Dear Alicia,
    I was very saddened to read about the latest news in your fight against your cancer.
    I have been following your courageous battle through your past collumns
    I would urge any person battling this dreaded disease to read your journal,you have handled it with grace,dignity,and humor.
    I pray for You, and your Family.
    God Bless,

  9. Debra Says:

    I read your articles a few years ago and thought about you often. I recently remarked to my husband, that I hadn’t read anything from you in a long time and that I hoped you had beaten your cancer.
    I am so sad to read that you are now in the final phases of life. You are such an inspiration to me and many others for your grace and beauty under such awful circumstances.
    It is a shame that you will not marry the love of your life and have babies. But I do believe in Heaven and know that you will be there and reunite with him someday.
    God Bless you, Alicia.

  10. Dave Scheff Says:

    Alicia, I’m sorry you never got to come to the show we talked about. You’re a beautiful person, you write so well…you’ve touched so many. And…so many people love you and support you. I wish you ease, and I will always remember you.

  11. Ann Says:

    Thank you, Alicia, for sharing so much with all of us. You are such an inspiration, and you have touched more lives than you realize. I will remember your courage and strength — and your advice to “choose life.”

  12. Paul Says:

    Hi Alicia,
    Today was the first time I had heard about you and your story. I went to to check out the latest on the Niners when I saw the teaser to your article was at the top of the page. Unfortunately, I began reading about it at work. So, here I am at my desk, crying while corporate life continues around me. I’m amazed and thankful that the Chronicle positioned your story where I would find it.

    I’m so sorry for your situation and what life has dealt you. You sound like an wonderful person. I’m sure that those around you are thankful for every day you have given them and how much their lives have been enriched by each of those days. I feel grateful for having known this small slice of you, even for just these few moments.

    Last year, at 45, I suffered a heart attack and required a triple bypass – totally out of the blue. In my contemplative moments (when I can muster them), I have tried to examine what may have caused this. My diet, exercise & cholesterol numbers were all good. My doctors aren’t sure of what happened, either. So, while I don’t know what exactly caused it, I believe that one aspect of my life had changed. I felt like I no longer really appreciated the beauty of the world that surrounded me.

    Thank you for giving me one more beautiful experience in life. I’m sorry that our paths never crossed, but happy for those who do know you.


  13. sharona Says:

    Thank you Alicia for taking time to write and share your experiences with all of us. I can’t really imagine how tough it must be for you to go through all you have, but I admire your bravery. Thanks for reminding all of us to love life and those around us and appreciate life’s small moments. May you find peace from pain and suffering and enjoy the love that surrounds you now from those you know and those you don’t.

  14. a Says:

    Dear Alicia,
    You began publishing your stories in the Chronicle shortly after I moved to SF to begin life post-college. I very much identified with your perspective as a young woman working in her first real job, and because we are close to the same age, you felt like a peer.

    I am so sad to read today that you have moved into hospice care. I loved all of your stories for your hope and courage. I wish you peace in the coming days and weeks. Thank you so much for sharing your stories with me and everyone else.

  15. Susan Says:

    Dear Alicia,
    I don’t believe in heaven, but I believe in angels. You are one, please know that by sharing your journey you have touched so many people’s hearts.

    Blessings on you and your friends and family.


  16. Cathy Says:

    your life’s story could be so sad and yet you are an inspiration with your pursuit of well-lived and loved life. I’m glad that you have found your happy ending.

    Thank you for reminding us to choose Life. It is indeed a marvelous gift.



  17. Pam Says:

    Dear Alicia,

    Thank you for sharing your story–I’ve followed it from early on. I am amazed by your courage, and pray for you daily. May you find your way.

    Love and Blessings,


  18. Christine Finnegan Says:

    Dearest Alicia–You are a true angel among us for your have touched and helped us in our lives and we are so very grateful to you. You are always with us and you shall never, ever leave us. You are a blessed figure among us. Your courage and strength; your spirit and laughter, your love for life and presence–these can’t be taken away and they will always be on the shoulders and in the hearts of your loved ones, and for us who got to know you through your writings. You have taught us so many lessons and now it is for us to learn from you and carry them forward so that we can make this a better world as you have done.

    You will always just be in the next room as we wander through our days.

    Bless you, our precious love for always you will be dear to us.


  19. Ralph Says:

    “Choose life” no truer words have ever been spoken.
    John 17:3

    • Karin Says:

      Thank you Alicia for sharing your story. Even through all your trials and tribulations you managed to keep a sense of life with humor and grace. I hope that as you journey to God begins that your pain lessens and you can go peacefully. Sending hugs and prayers to you, your family and all the hospice caregivers.

  20. Warren Lerude Says:

    We love you and admire you for million, make that millions, of reasons and join the many thousands, make that millions, in gratitude for your sharing Alicia’s Story with all who want and need to know the truth about cancer and the courage of those who face it and fight it, no one with greater courage than you. You are in our thoughts and prayers everyinute. Love from Janet and Warren

  21. Eric Says:

    Your positivity through all you have gone through has inspired me to always believe that happiness is just a thought away. I admire you for the person you choose to be through all of your up hill battles, physically, emotionally and mentally. You will be in my thoughts and prayers as I look upon the sunny blue sky.

  22. isabel Says:

    I checked the Chronicle for updates on Alicia Parlette several times after the series ended. I thought of her every once in a while.

    I’m saddened to hear that her journey is ending now. I’m so glad she has love and joy in her life. Cheers, Alicia! You’ve made a difference to me and I appreciate it. May all your questions be answered.

  23. Cindy Says:

    Dear Alicia,

    I saw your article in the Chron this morning and managed only to get through the first two pages of your story before I burst into tears. Your story brings me back to 2007 when I was 28 and diagnoised with my own soft tissue sarcoma–a rare form that my surgeon asked me to ‘Google’ to get more info about (prior to surgery they had thought they were removing a hemangioma).

    Your spirit, courage and bravery is so inspirational. You give tangible words to those who have experienced this but who cannot express on their own. Thank you, thank you, thank you for giving us a voice!

    With heartfelt love, Cindy

  24. Sue Says:

    Dear Alicia,
    Your story captured my heart in the Chronicle when it was first published. I waited for every update.
    Your brave, strong and provide courage to those facing illness.
    I pray for peace for you.

  25. Alicia Says:

    Dearest Alicia,

    I began reading your story when it was first published. At the time it came out my sister was undergoing treatment for Inflammatory Breast Cancer. Your courage and candor helped me to understand her journey. When I saw the article in this morning’s SF Chronicle, my heart went toward you. Your courage, strength, humor, and honesty were just what I needed while I was with my sister through everything. You, my dear, took the step into the light to inform everyone. That light will shine through the hearts of many for years to come.

    I am honored to have read your story, to have gotten strength and courage from you, and will hold you in my heart.

    With love and respect,

  26. Sally Says:

    Dear Alicia,

    Your story touched me deeply when it was first published. When diagnosed with a serious illness myself, I thought often of your bravery and humor, and that was often what pulled me through a difficult day. Your words and your grace will live forever. Bless You.


  27. Johanna Says:

    Dearest Alicia,

    Just two days ago I checked on your blog, feeling as though something was amiss. I have lost my four sisters to cancer and now I feel like I’m losing another . Thank you for allowing myself and many others into your most personal journey. Your honesty and bravery will not be forgotten. You have shown us how to live!


  28. Rinky Says:

    Dear Alicia,
    As a cancer survivor, still under treatment, I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate your sharing your stories. Your humor, honesty and bravery shine through your words.

    I wish I had some magical power to heal you but as a mere mortal all I can say is that I will always remember you. You will live on in me and countless others.


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