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Introducing Clarabelle April 12, 2010

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I realized we’ve been talking about Clarabelle but I’m not sure if people know who she is.

Clarabelle is Alicia’s dog, adopted from Pets Unlimited in San Francisco. Alicia volunteered at Pets Unlimited for some time and was taken by Clarabelle…and then took her home!

There was a sweet article in the Chronicle in 2006 about Alicia and Clarabelle, located here:

Clarabelle has been staying with friends but visited with Alicia in the hospital yesterday and today. While she is generally a nervous dog, she seemed to know she had a job when she got to the hospital. After shaking for the requisite 5 minutes, Clara settled down, snuggled into Alicia’s side, and did not move for 5 hours. Good dog.


11 Responses to “Introducing Clarabelle”

  1. Hay yah Glow P Clarsbelle’s picture is great those eyes what a Dog!! The starfish the !! the smells of 409 you really can write. I am still praying like a hamster on a wheel!! The Mantra Magnetic Dolphins believe in Fairy’s so do I !! I will never Forget Swing life away was for you. Keep Glowing Glow Rose P !! Love your friend always Brian

  2. Kaleda Says:

    I remember the first time I looked Clarabelle in the eyes. She was surrounded by the cries of so many dogs, trembling in the far corner of a cement dog run at the Berkeley shelter. Rescuing her from the shelter was the least we could do, but finding her the perfect home was going to be tough. Alicia often called Clara her little angel, but we know that the true angel is Alicia who has provided the best most loving home to Clara that ever could be. I love you both. My heart is with you and your family.

  3. Raphael Tran Says:

    clarabelle you’re the sweetest doggie 🙂 whoever reads this……..if you could give clarabelle a hug……that would be tops 🙂

  4. Shirin Mostaghim Says:

    Doggies always know what to do to make things better! Love this post for so many reasons. Thank you for sharing!

  5. Sharon Says:

    Bless you Clarabelle. I’m so glad that Alicia has you with her and that you can take care of her. Sweet girl.

  6. Susie E. Says:

    I’ve followed your story ever since it first appeared in the Chronicle. I’ve wondered how you’ve been. All I know is that you are lucky to have so many good friends & strangers from all over the world who keep you in their thoughts & prayers. Clarabelle is a lucky dog to be with you… You are truly an inspiration & my prayers are with you & your family…
    Susie…a friendly stranger.

  7. jane bond Says:

    Hi Alicia, Clarabelle is beautiful……..I remember when you first got her, well I remember you writing about her………I think of you every couple of seconds……..I too hate being so far away from you, Matthew and your Dad…… are blessed for the family of friends you have with you……..their love for you is a beautiful thing.

    Your Cousin Jane

  8. Clarissa J. Klingenberger Says:

    Love you so much cousin. I think of and pray for you often. I wish we weren’t so far apart.
    Jenna prays for you too, she wanted to know how your cancer is different than her friend Skye’s? Interesting I thought. I did my best to explain. Skye is now(NED) but just finished fighting 4 th round of Wilm’s Disease. Just finished radiation and trying to attend some school while on a dialysis schedule in Cincy:)
    I am so glad you have Clarabelle~animals have a sense of tranquility and are a blesssing to have. Our 3 Labs drive me nuts at times but I wouldn’t have it any other way. Animals are so peaceful.
    Wishing and praying for a miracle-
    I love you !

  9. Shannon Says:

    Clara was just as wonderful today. Alicia was napping much of the afternoon and Clarabelle just sat in the chair, letting all kinds of people pet her. Later, when Alicia was ready for her, Clara immediately jumped up on the bed and knew exactly what her job was. It was clear she was just waiting for the go-ahead to be able to do it!

  10. raechel Says:

    what a sweet story. good dog! 🙂

  11. Noel Dietrich Says:

    Sooo sweet. I hope Clarabelle can spend a lot of time there – pets are so comforting!

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